Container Return

Nobody wants to throw away so much garbage all the time. And bringing your bulk containers around with you is a pain. The solution is really simple, and it's what the milk-man use to do.

There is 3 steps to it.

1. Order your food, it will arrive right at your doorstep.

2. Eat your food!

3. Order more food, put your empty containers back in your New Foods Market box and back on your doorstep.

You can order whenever you want! We'll give you your deposit back for whatever containers you do return.

Our Packaging

We abide strongly by our missions to reduce the massive amount of waste the food system creates. We take serious measures to make sure we sanitize all our bulk food packaging we reuse, and recycle all packaging we assess unsafe, for any reason. Even our cardboard boxes are up-cycled through the use of reusable box clips rather than tape.


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